Gerry Howell – Seriousnessmus

gerry-howell-seriousnessmus_31020_thumbWhen Gerry Howell emerged onto the stage I was looking forward to hearing the comedy-staple “you’re probably thinking I look like a cross between…” gag – which could have easily been “Mark Roe and Rafael Jacquelin”.  Alas, Howell didn’t seem interested in comedy staples, or golf.

In a routine about bears, Jack Nicklaus ‘The Golden Bear’ was ignored completely.  Another opportunity came and went in a play about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, which omitted the famous lunar golf shots.  Finally, a piece about hat doffing etiquette failed to mention its importance during the end of round handshake.  Remarkable oversights!  1 golf ball.

Reviewer – Harry HardonGolf-Ball-on-Tee

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