Mat Ewins – Once Upon a Time in the Jest

mat-ewins-once-upon-a-time-in-the-jest_32710Any show that bills itself as a show about history, but fails to even touch upon Old Tom Morris, Young Tom Morris, Harry Vardon, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan or even Jack Nicklaus is on a hiding to nothing.  In fact, one woman walked out in disgust when it became clear that Arnold Palmer had been overlooked.

There was a moment of hope near the end, when Ewins announced that we would finish the show by playing a 1992 computer game.  The crowd perked up, assuming that it would be the Megadrive classic, ‘PGA Pro Tour Golf II’.  The mood shifted slightly when Ewins said it would in fact be a Nintendo release, but the crowd were still happy enough that it would probably be ‘Greg Norman’s Golf Power’.  Things turned ugly when Ewins revealed it was neither, and I’m afraid a one golf ball rating is the inevitable consequence.

Reviewer – Gary PlayaGolf-Ball-on-Tee

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